JATIDAYA – Malang Tempo Doeloe

Every year here in my city, Malang, there’s annual festive to celebrate the anniversary of the city which held around May. Near the end of the month, there’s always a street festive where a long road closed and changed into old traditional setting with colonial touches. And often, this festive held for few days with many traditional attractions.. for sure, it’ll be such a mass crowded on the street, ugh!..

And for this year, it is not only a usual festive like those years, there’s also an action to develop Malan ginto heritage worl site which later will be put on the queueue list for World Heritage Site nomination. And this project called MALANG JATIDAYA

on this project, Dwi Cahyono as the one who submitted Malang as the nomination, asked a thousand volunteers to repaint and clean up some old colonials building along Kayutangan street. Which I’m sure all people who managed this project to succeed definetely are genius people, as they know and realize how to maintain those heritages sites that left by the time!!.. it’s a matter of being aware tho..

people came from different communities and backgrounds, young and old, students and politicians. They are all among those whom aware and willing to spend their time on taking care things surrounds them which probably had left behind or left untouched.. and then, time to paint the wall!!..

and even people who passed by the road interested to know what was going on… or just asked to get captured.. ayayay

oh well, we’re simply in love with our own city, yay!!!!!… hugs for everyone who manage their time to get involved on this project 🙂


2 thoughts on “JATIDAYA – Malang Tempo Doeloe

  1. Your article plus your nice photos really tease me to visit Malang 🙂 I came there for short visit in 2006 and unfortunately I did not go to many spots. Wish that I can come back there soon.

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