Why numbers?


All what we’ve been thru in our life, it doesn’t strange anymore for us to realize that everything mostly is measured by numbers.. money, works, kids, achievements, and more things which seen by ‘rough-eyes’ are measured by how much we have, and again.. much and many is all about numbers..

But then, when we really see beyond the ‘rough-eyes’ and try to see on the other’s glasses, we probably find numbers are not everything – while it’s still important in some ways tho. Things around us are too many to be measured by numbers or those counting devices. Some scientist might said those unmeasurable things can be measured over few variables, and still they keep the ‘number’ as a part of knowledge system.. yeah, a system to be precise..

so..do you want to conclude a number as a system? Me, I still don’t get how it really works tho.. lol!


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