Tulamben turns into sea of men


Continue further east from my previous journey in Lovina beach with my cousins, few days after I head with my lovely Chery QQ to Tulamben beach before heading to Amed beach as my main destination..  I heard a lot of this spot as people talking things like scuba diving, shipwreck, school of barracuda , coral garden, and also hundreds people with masks and oxygen tube on their back. Then I suggest it would’ve been another scuba diving destination in Bali.

As it took me like another 2 hours driving from Lovina to reach Tulamben, I was offered fantastic view along the north coastline with great Mount Agung on my right side along the way. So I got oceans on my left side, and huge volcano on my right side. Exotic!

Arrived in Tulamben with parents and my sweet black car, we parked on certain area for vehicles and went to the beach side right away. I also heard that Tulamben not the beach with deep white sands, meanwhile it was fulled with the black volcanic stones after the great eruption of Mount Agung. There were already numbers of people off of the shore into the water and some back from an hour diving.  Saw some people who wants to relax and do less activity with the bubbling oxygen on their mouth, so they chose to pick some snorkel gear and floating with that mild current.

I didn’t manage to do some snorkel nor scuba diving as it’s already afternoon and I prefer to get a place or nice bungalow to sleep first then jump into water. So I skipped the water of  Tulamben and just spend few moments sitting and talked with people there. Well, at least I captured few shots how Tulamben looks like above the sea…





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