Gorgeous Fishermen Village , Gorgeous Amed


So we arrived in this tranquil Amed on the same day after another one hour ride from Tulamben. I got my first impression that Amed is such a long long coastline area with hotels and bars on the beachside. Pretty much the same when you imagine visiting Seminyak area. The different is the north coast of Bali has typical black sands and corals right offshore ; plus the scenes of laid back fishermen activities and the way of local’s living around increase atmosphere on beach getaway destination.

It’s even easy for me to get a place to stay for few nights with parents, and apparently we found a nice family bungalow for only 400000IDR/night including breakfast and dinner for 3 people. And it’s right on the beach side! uyeee… hammock time!

So while parents resting and relaxing on the terrace and sipping some cocktails, I couldn’t resist to not jumping directly into the water. Got my snorkel gear and just few metres offshore, I’ve seen Nemo and the friends. Going 10 metres further, bunches of coral garden welcome you with school of fishes. Amazing!!.. Like this I can stay on the water whole day long ( I didn’t surprise tho) during the days I’ll spent there.. ah! I even broke my snorkel gear and had to buy another one as I borrowed it lol..

Just before it gets ready to sunset, the activity along the coasts and bays faded away and some fishermen’s kids played volley next to our place; meanwhile few bars with bottles of Bintang already prepared to continue whole night long.. It wasn’t kind of bars like in Kuta with so many drunk and fainted people. It was more laid back stuff where people just sit and enjoy live music and talked with others. A true beach chill out night..

Spent three nights here and still craving for more tranquil moment, for sure will be back here soon! Amed, j’adore!





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