Life For Tourism On Mui Ne


Life along the coastal area on Mui Ne can be very laid back. Though most locals I’ve seen played their role as fishermen or worked on tourism services; such hostels, tour agents, bars, or massage parole. Just like most people who lives on places where it’s always fulled with tourists, they know how to mingle and put themselve as part of the commercial objects. They offer you services for good terms, show you the main touristic spots, and never let you be alone anywhere. They’re not scammers, but they won’t stop offering (or insisted) you. That’s how they live!

I met people who – mostly tourists – who always whining they’ve been scammed and ripped by some travel agent. When I listened to them, all what they’ve said really true. But then when I tried to stay there couple days, actually I got many choices to consider for spending my money wisely ; rather than complaining what I’d chosen by saying it’s a scam. The thing is, when you want to find the best offer , it means you had to take a look more.




Noticed that this place somehow crowded by Russian people as all the hotels and bars always have something written on those cyrilic symbols which for me looks like codes for treasure hunting tho. Those Russians enjoyed their time for sun-bathing, wind surfing, chewing fresh seafood, shopped all stores which written local pearls, and those other touristic stuffs. And most of them, stayed on that area for few weeks which is for me 2 days already boring.. no offend

Found my new favourite drink there, Mango Lassie! It’s a simply mango juice with yoghurt and was a great choice to get laid on my room terrace. Still, I need some activities… No way to try wind-surfing as it’s quite fancy sports there and none of my interest lists tho. No other choice then to rent a motorbike and strolled around the town to find the desert as people said. Well , it’s a cool desert tho.. I’d rather named it based on my creativity as Asian Sahara!

Will write about the Mui Ne’s desert on the next post tho, catch ya there!




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