Tailored Hoi An



The combination touch between Frenchy city structure and Chinese buildings and Vietnamese traditions turned Hoi An into one unique and gorgeous city. Recognized as World Heritage City by UNESCO, this harbour city has to be one of the most friendly city in the country.

Unfortunately I was spending my days in bed back then as I got high fever which everybody assumed I had malaria and those tropical disease.. so yeah, I spent most of my days there to rest and recover for the next journey. Good that the last day there I was getting better and time to explore the city!.. Biking again, ugh!

I noticed that Hoi An located very close with the seaside and even they have long beachline. Compared with other beaches I’ve visited, I can say it’s very calm and quite the beach in Hoi An. And empty for sure.. saw a lot of large resort and hotels, but they’re mostly abandoned as people said wether the investors ran out of money or less profits or other financial reasons..

But yeah, Hoi An has a lot of tailor stores and most tourists who come here will spent some money for local tailors. Suits and dresses will be seen in most of the stores with fabrics and tape measure rounded on tailors’s neck.. I got the feeling I was back in centuries ago where everybody worked as tailor and when tailoring is the best career back then..

Well, it’s Hoi An anyway..







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