How you enjoy Luang Prabang?

Like I always told most people I met, I’m a water girl!

And after dynamic-life in Vietnam, I was stranded on slow pace life in Luang Prabang. I prefer this town A LOT than Vientiane tho.

Here’s some shoots from the road



All those green and chilling scene on your way between Vientiane and Luang Prabang.. But after many times you fell asleep on the bus and woke up with the same typical view, it could be a bit boring tho , doh! And still like 10 hours to go with the same view ayayay… deathly gorgeous scene!

So, here we come in Luang Prabang! 🙂


night market in Luang Prabang

Compared with Vientiane as capital city, Luang Prabang seems way more relaxing. If you’re exploring Indonesia and has been to Bali, you may compare Luang Prabang as Ubud after crazy Kuta.

This indo-china land where most people are Buddhist, it happens also in Luang Prabang where there’s groups of monasteries and monks do ritual everyday (and few times a day!). Here every morning, they have routine rituals where all monks walk down the street early morning and all the locals already sit and prepare on street side with some foods. Then those food will be shared for a long-line of monk groups. The essentials of this rituals is to share what you have with others and contemplate how sincere you want to share… But it turned out to be a commercial stuff for tourists. They bought the food and sit just to experience the “Act”, not the meaning. Unfortunately, some doesn’t care to put their huge-hammer-style camera lens right in front of the monks face.. nonetheless, it could turn out the monks also agree on this commercial-ing stuff.. what can I do?? 😀



Despite those society behaviours, Luang Prabang offers me a very nice surroundings! I can be a very very lazy person here.. jsut to eat, get sleepy, eat, get sleepy, and finally fell aslept lol

Why not doing some activity not to get more bum on my tummy eh? Kuang Xi waterfall will be the next spot!




siesta time!

There were super massive groups of Chinese people came for chilling on the waterfall area. I found out that Luang Prabang is very near with China’s south border. Time to speak on another alien language! cung cing cung cong…





The karst area creates the terraces effect on the waterfall base. Me and my fun-moment-share mate tried to spot less people area to dip, but that was impossible. Hail Chinese people! We finally back on the first spot where it has larger pool and tried to dip it. Hoho… it was indeed freezing. Just a quick and short dip is quite enough for us, I guess. At least not to let those leeches slipping into our pants,  geez!

Voila, the rest of the day were spent to chill out on the area while I spotted this “Indonesia” motorbike . Cheer for Indonesia, hooray!



then another long long way back to Vientiane for the next few days and finally flight to Kuala Lumpur before back home 🙂


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