Glimpse of Winter

I’m a tropical young lady, and I’m used to walk (or drive) under load of sunshine and sweat over humid weather. But then, whoop! I’m stranded on a place with VERY cold wind and strangely slippery road. That’s when I was awake after 20 hours journey across continent and arrived in France for very first time, should I say it again – for very first time. And yes, it was on winter day that I arrived.

On my tropical-factory-made sweater, I noticed there’s more possible I got cold with this sweater, rather than concerned how to get to my last stop in Lyon from Paris. First thing first, I need a toilet and I never liked using toilet paper, ever! Got my luggage which filled with strange souvenir choices, an early morning stop on the airport for a hot drink (literally hot) is more important than figure out how to change my booking ticket train into the train boarding pass. Well, life is always a surprise! That’s when I met this Monsieur who accompany me to change the ticket and be my 30-minutes companion for hot cappuccino. You know this kind of meeting when traveler meet others and start to share their traveling journey. A jetlag conversation, indeed!


Time for the Monsieur to catch the train and still time for me to be friend with the cold, I choose to sit and wait. Actually, I’m kind of getting lost in translation. Looking for every people around talking with strange words (c’est pas bon!). On strange occasion, I believe on Payback when you need to give what you had received. I don’t think too much when I lend my phone to a panic Vietnamese man – he looked panic tho – and he started to call with this Vietnamese language. Of course it ends on me loosing all the credits, as always. You got accompanied and offered a hot drink, then you loose phone credits. Quite equals , hah!

Upon the train arrival, I tried to ask people which way to go and funny when most of them prefer not to explain anything to me. Till I find a young man with this fancy look, and I started “Excusez-moi,Vouz parlez l’anglais? Je parles francaise un petit peu,” while I showed him my ticket. A quick wow look from him and finally a good person when he lead me until I reached my TGV cabin. Merci!


Another 2 hours ride passed huge farming field and countryside area, small house in the middle of empty land. Or groups of eating cows int he middle of nowhere. I sat next to the window, daydreaming and completely no idea what will happen on the next 2 months in that new places – while the lady next to me argued with one lady behind me as the one behind couldn’t stop talking. You need to experience the food seller inside Indonesian train, mademoiselle – now only few in Indonesia.

Finally arrived in Lyon station, now I need to figure out how to contact my friend as I ran out of my credit. And all those machine boxes on the station looks annoying – I didn’t know how to use it! The best way is sit on the waiting room and hope my earlier message when I depart from Indonesia was sent. Just 5 minutes later, I got called and there’s Patrice handing a paper with my name “MARTHA” written on it! Super super cool! πŸ˜€ (one of my biggest failure was I didn’t take any picture of Pat handing the MARTHA paper)

Pat – how I later on call him for the rest of the month – drove me back to his apartment while we’re waiting for his family to come. I don’t really remember the details as probably I fell asleep (maybe?). Then there’s Caro and Noelie came along by afternoon – Pat’s gf and daughter. And the first glimpse of this winter country was a warm feeling that you’re welcomed and met your new family..

Until the next and next day during my stay, they’re definetely a great and super warm hosts πŸ™‚




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