Long Prelude

Noticed that the very last time I wrote was last year due to crazy world (crazy me!), and my brain shouted at me now to start writing again.

Writing heals. Writing occupies me more. Writing processes my mind and feeling.

During my long break on writing, I had a tremendous life time with work, travel, relationship, and life itself. It’s been 10 months – a nearly roller coaster year – to remark all I’ve got through. Getting into tourism project (a serious career), said goodbye to any grudges I held on, and start a new happy life. A total change!

I’ll take you to travel back in time, back after the last trip in Laos How you enjoy Luang Prabang? . It took me across 2 strange continents on same period –  Europe and Australia; winter and outback.

Oh, and do visit my tourism project on www.ourtripfirst.com



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